Grievance Redressal


The GRC is a forum where grievances of all the students of Dibrugarh University is accepted and takes all steps to address and solve their grievances. The students of Dibrugarh University will be allowed to apply for the following grievances:

1. Academic such as

  • Regularity of classes,
  • Library facilities,
  • Internet facilities,
  • Placement facilities and
  • Any other related issues,

2. Hostel Facilities

  • Accommodation,
  • Standard of meal,
  • Recreation facilities,
  • Prohibition of ragging and
  • Any other related issues,

3. Sports facilities

4. Medical facilities

5. Canteen facilities and

6. Any other relevant issues. Complaints from the students are accepted on any working days at the office of the Public Information cum Law Officer situated at New Administrative Building of the University. The members of the GRC assemble twice a month and after proper action on the grievances received from the students send it to the Registrar for taking effective steps for Redressal of Grievances.


Members of the Grievance Redressal Cell (GRC)

As per Clause(3) of the General Guidelines of the Grievance Redressal Cell, D.U the body of the GRC is re constitutated with the followings members:-


  1. Prof. Promothesh Bhattacharyya, Dept. of  Applied Geology                 Chairperson 
  2. Prof. Ajanta B. Rajkonwar, Dept. of Commerce                                   Vice Chairperson
  3. Prof. Dipak Kr. Chetia, Dept. of Phermacutical Science                         Member
  4. Prof. Subrata Chakraborty, Dept. of Statistic                                       Member
  5. Prof. Dipsikha Bora, Dept. of Life Sciences                                          Member
  6. Prof. Biswajit Boruah, Dept. of History                                                Member
  7. Dr. Deba Chakraborty, Dept. of Economics                                         Member
  8. Sri Chandan Sarma, Dept. of History                                                  Member
  9. Dr. Mridul Bordoloi, Dept of English                                                    Member
  10. Dr.Parmananda Sonowal, Deputy Registrar (Admn.)                           Convenor 

Online Grievance Submission

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