Dibrugarh University

About Us

Dibrugarh University, the easternmost University in India, was established in 1965 consequent upon the provisions of the Dibrugarh University Act, 1965, enacted by the Assam Legislative Assembly. It is a leading research and innovation driven University that acts as a spatial slot to configure the socio-cultural dynamics of North East India.The University encourages myriad enterprises that harbour on a constellation of thinking, theorizing, and reflection.

Dibrugarh University is one of the educational centres of excellence, seeking to amalgamate multi-disciplinary fields with numerous theoretical perspectives, the realm of cultural diversity with the praxis of knowledge, and region-specific issues with a global horizon. The University has a prolific and productive industrial academia interface. With its strong global links in teaching and research programmes, the University offers dynamic educational experiences that prepare the next generation to lead and make a difference and thus contribute to the society at large. The University hosts 177 affiliated colleges and institutes that spread over nine districts of Assam. Dibrugarh University is a member of the Association of Indian Universities and is recognised by all the universities in India and abroad.

It is situated at Rajabheta, five kilometres to the South of the Dibrugarh town and well connected by road, rails, air and waterways. The University has a vast sprawling campus (550 acres) set in bucolic and idyllic surroundings. Dibrugarh, which is one of the commercial and industrial hubs of North East India, also occupies a unique place in the field of art, literature and culture. It is internationally known as a rich tea producing district, and is also on the global map for its rich reserve of minerals like coal, oil and natural gas. Its diverse flora and fauna make it an exciting region from the environmental and ecological point of view.The various people who inhabit this district present a polychromatic ethnic mosaic and make it a very attractive destination for academia all over the globe.

Being true to its mission of widening the wings of holistic education and instilling a passion for research and development among generations of learners, the University has significantly contributed to the academic, cultural, and economic development of not only North EastIndia but also of the country. It takes pride in ‘reaching the learners’ in the diverse regions of our nation, and upholds numerous systems of knowledge formation and dissemination, thus ‘letting the learners reach’ the institute. The University vouches for a cultural network of interconnections and differences: it is a dynamic, living, growing, animating and an eclectic force-field.

Academic Programmes

Primarily a research, teaching, affiliating, and examining body involved in promotion of Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering and other branches of learning, the University today boasts of seven faculties of Studies:

  • Faculty of Humanities and Law
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • Faculty of Commerce and Management Science
  • Faculty of Biological Sciences
  • Faculty of Earth Sciences and Energy


To develop human resource by integrating knowledge and skill, human values and compassion for a better world.


To impart value oriented education and skill based training that foster leadership traits of the learners, thus generating sustainable development, social harmony and peace.


To inculcate the spirit of enquiry in the teaching learning process through appropriate pedagogy and ICT..

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