DST-PURSE Sponsored Two Day National Seminar entitled ‘Recent Trends in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production

March 27, 2024, marked the commencement of a DST-PURSE Sponsored Two Day National Seminar entitled ‘Recent Trends in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production,’ jointly organized by the Department of Petroleum Technology and the Department of Applied Geology, Dibrugarh University at Indira Miri Conference Hall. The inaugural session opened with the rendition of the University anthem. The event was graced by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Dibrugarh University along with dignitaries from OIL & ONGC, renowned academicians and participants from various institutions across India.

Prof. Pradip Borgohain, Convener of the Seminar, delivered the welcome speech and briefed the audience on the objectives of the seminar. Prof. Jiten Hazarika, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Dibrugarh University, officially inaugurated the seminar with a profound speech, stressing on the importance of a multidisciplinary research approach and its societal implications.

Professor Jogendra Nath Sharma, Retd Professor and renowned Geoscientist of Assam, unveiled the abstract volume, setting the tone for the academic discourse. Subsequently, two prominent industrial figures, Dr. Manas Kumar Sharma, Director of Exploration and Development at Oil India Limited and Mr. Anfor Ali Haque, RCE, Oil India Limited, delivered insightful speeches.

Prof. Pankaj Das, Coordinator of DST-PURSE Program, DU spoke on the vision of PURSE program. Prof. Subrata Borgohain, Dean of the Faculty of Earth Science and Energy, delivered the concluding remark. The inaugural proceedings came to an end with the vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Diganta Bhuyan, Co-Convener of the Seminar.

The technical sessions of the DST-PURSE Sponsored National Seminar on “Recent Trends in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production ” was commenced with two significant presentations by keynote speakers representing prominent industries like Oil India Limited and ONGCL.The first keynote speaker, Mr. Trailukyo Borgohain, Chief General Manager and Head of the G&R Department at Oil India Limited, Duliajan, addressed the audience on the timely topic of ‘Balancing Exploration and Decarbonization: Imperative for Geoscientists.’ Rather than taking a stance for or against the concept of climate crisis, he posed thought-provoking questions regarding the feasibility of complete decarbonization and the responsibility of developing nations in carbon emission. He also shed light on geological hydrogen and carbon sequestration, sparking insightful discussions during the subsequent question-answer session between industry and academia.
Following this, Mr. Atul Borthakur, a distinguished speaker and alumnus of Dibrugarh University, who served as a Domain Expert in Hydrocarbon Exploration and is a retired General Manager from ONGCL, New Delhi, delivered an informative presentation on Hydrocarbon Exploration: Challenges Opportunity, Policy route-Indian Perspective and Global paradigm’. Sir emphasized various crucial topics such as the significance of quality data, water-based mud (WBM), the application of sequence stratigraphy in reservoir characterization, and the advancements in digital palynology. He also highlighted the importance of national missions such as the Deep Ocean Mission, Mission Drone Shakti, Mission Samudrayan, Matsya 6000, and the ISRO-led Respond Basket 2023 project and their relevance for geoscience research. Furthermore, he stressed the need to bridge the gap between industry and academia. Following a lunch break, the session continued with paper presentations by several researchers covering topics related to hydrocarbon exploration, earth science, and renewable energy.

Technical Session 1(Earth System Science) on 27.03.2024 of the DST- PURSE Sponsored National Seminar on “Recent Trends in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production” organized by Department of Petroleum Technology and Department of Applied Geology of Dibrugarh University. Prof. Kalpana Deka Kalita of Department of Applied Geology chaired the session. Mr. Trailukya Borgohain, Chief General Manager, HoD – Geology & Reservoir Department, Oil India Limited, Duliajan and Mr. Atul Borthakur, former General Manager, ONGCL, New Delhi delivered the key note addresses. In the paper presentation Session in total nine papers were presented on diverse aspects. Started with the OP -1by Notoka K. on “An appraisal of a complex landslide at Tarleidzii Area, Kohima town, Nagaland”. Mr. Bhargav Kashyap presented OP-2 on ” Depositional Environment and diagenetic studies of Tipam Sandstone in Geleki Oilfield of Upper Assam Basin”. Ms. Parismita Borah oresented the third paper on ” Morphometric analysis and spatial variability of north bank tributaries of Brahmaputra River, Dhemaji District, Assam, India”. Mr. Yadav Krishna Gogoi presented OP-4 on “Tectono- provenance, Paleo- climate characterization and assessment of Hydrocarbon Source rock potentiality of Lesser Himalayan Gondwana sequences in parts of Arunachal Pradesh, India. Ms. Madhurima Baruah presented OP-5 on “Sediment Geochemistry and Source Area Weathering of Tipam Sandstone Formation of Upper Assam Basin, India”. Op-6 on ” Renewable Energy Potential of Tipling River Flow” was presented by Mr. Tasaduk Ariful Hussain. Mr. Manoranjan Konwar presented OP-7 on “Study on Source Rock Potential for Hydrocarbon Generation of Lower Himalayan Gondwana Coal, India”. Mr. Yadav Krishna Gogoi presented OP- 8 on ” Petrography, Diagenesis and Hydrocarbon Source Potential of the Barail Group Rocks of Naga Patkai Range, South Eastern Arunachal Pradesh, North-East India. The last paper OP-9 on ” Geological mapping and lineament analysis of the Gondwana Group of rocks in Likabali – Basar section, Arunachal Pradesh. Mr. Atul Borthakur pointed out few suggestions to the presenters for improvement. The chairperson of the session Prof. Kalita proposed the remarks and congratulated all the participants for good presentations.

The keynote speaker for the second technical session on the theme entitled “Drilling and Production”, was delivered by Mr. Sanjay Verma, Executive Director, Asset Manager (Eastern Asset), Oil India Limited, who discussed about the current trends in the energy sector. He highlighted the growing importance of renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and biofuels. However, Mr. Verma also acknowledged the continued relevance of the oil and gas industry. He addressed advancements in drilling techniques, gas lift systems, and tools for tackling sand and paraffin buildup. Significantly, Mr. Verma emphasized Oil India Limited’s commitment to environmental sustainability. This includes a new biorefinery at NRL (Numaligarh Refinery Limited), to produce ethanol from bamboo and a green hydrogen plant in Jorhat. Additionally, a new gas pipeline is being envisaged to reduce gas flaring emissions. Mr. Verma concluded by reaffirming Oil India’s environmental focus and promoting collaboration between industry and academia.

The second day of the national seminar commenced with great enthusiasm. Mr. Atul Borthakur (Domain Expert in Hydrocarbon Exploration), retired General Manager from ONGC, officially began the day by inaugurating the poster presentation session sharply at 9:30 am, held in the Department of Petroleum Technology. A total of 19 participants showcased their posters, covering a wide array of topics including earth science, drilling, landslides, and remote sensing applications. Alongside Mr. Atul Borthakur along with a panel of distinguished academicians engaged with the participants, inquiring about their respective poster presentations. The session was completed successfully.