DU Celebrates 75th Republic Day of India

The 75th Republic Day of the nation was celebrated at Dibrugarh University on January 26, 2024, within the premises of the Dibrugarh University Administrative Block. As designated by the Honorable Vice-Chancellor, Professor Jahnabi Gogoi, a Senior Professor of the University, unfurled the national flag, while Dr. Paramananda Sonowal, the Registrar, raised the university flag. Professor Jahnabi Gogoi, in her address to the assembly, eloquently elucidated the significance of the Republic Day.

A parade was conducted, showcasing the marching prowess of the Dibrugarh University Security personnel, cadets from the Dibrugarh University NCC unit, students from Flourish Sports Academy, Dibrugarh University Football Academy, and Dibrugarh University Karate Coaching Centre. Additionally, the students of Dibrugarh University Karate Academy presented impressive displays of karate skills and a captivating dance performance during the program.

Despite his health condition, Professor Jiten Hazarika, the Honorable Vice Chancellor of Dibrugarh University, unfurled the national flag at his residence as part of the Republic Day celebration

Dr. Aradhana Barthakur, Assistant Professor at the Centre for Management Studies, delivered an insightful lecture on the theme “Empowering Women: Transforming India through Vikshit Bharat Yatra.” The University also honored the medal-winning students from the Dibrugarh University Karate Coaching Centre who excelled in the All Assam Inter District Karate Championship 2023-24.

A Republic Day friendly cricket match took place between Dibrugarh University Research Scholars XI and Dibrugarh University Teachers, Officers & Employees XI. Mr. Jitul Deori, an empluyee of the Office of the Registrar acted as the anchor of the programme.