NSS PG Unit, Dibrugarh University organized Street Play on the occasion of National Cancer Awareness Day on 07th November, 2022

The volunteers of NSS PG Unit, Dibrugarh University organized a Street Play on the theme of “QUIT TOBACCO FOR LIFE” as a part of the celebration of NATIONAL CANCER AWARENESS DAY on 7th November, 2022 in front of the University Administrative Building. The volunteers Rafik Uddin Ahmed (Mass Com.), Kalpajyoti Chetia (Physics), Sourov Paul (Mathematics), Trishamoyee Borah (DUIET), Amrita Kakoti (CMS), Syeda Jahanara Jannat (Applied Psychology), Jahnabee Ray (CCSA) and Devarchana Kashyap Bora (DUIET) performed in the play. They have conveyed a very good message by raising awareness about tobacco products through their act. A large number of people gathered at the place and encouraged the performers. The activity was led by Dr. Amar Upadhyaya, Programme Officer, NSS PG Unit Dibrugarh University. The senior volunteers of the unit Trishamoyee Borah, Imtaj Hussain, Abhijit Moran, Shiva Tanti, Deepjyoti Khargharia and Kaustav Baruah coordinated the whole activity and Subhanga Borthakur directed the play.