Awareness on Green and Pollution Free Diwali at Dibrugarh University

An initiative named “Go Green Diwali” was undertaken on 11th November, 2020 by the Eco-restoration squad members, Centre for Studies in Geography of Dibrugarh University to make people aware of avoiding fireworks and embrace crackers free Diwali so as to ensure pollution free environment. This year the squad members couldn’t visit households due to Covid-19 Pandemic, therefore they tried to make people aware of the negative effect of bursting crakers and fancy lights by virtual posters and video. This year bursting of firecrackers can aggravate the condition of Covid-infected patients. And also due to the use of crackers, many accidents take place, even birds and other street animals are badly affected. Being a responsible human, it’s our responsibility to protect our surroundings. We should restrain ourselves in using such harmful things. We should promote green Diwali by using eco-friendly things. We should avoid the use of artificial colours and make rangoli with natural things. We should buy only earthen diyas instead of fancy lights and candles. We must celebrate this festival in an eco-friendly manner to control the pollution.