A Week-long Online Lecture Series on Various Aspects of ‘Women and Health’

The Centre for Women’s Studies, Dibrugarh University organised a week-long lecture series on ‘Women and Health’ from 21-26 September, 2020 through the online platform of Google Meet. The programme was also streamed live on the Facebook page of the Centre. The participants of the programme mainly included students, women, and girls from various places in and around Assam and from various walks of life. Dr. Mriganka Baruah, one of the renowned Medicine Specialists from Dibrugarh, deliberated upon various issues related to women’s overall health on 21 September, 2020. He discussed the importance of women’s health and different aspects ranging from general health to mental health of women and the relevance of consulting a doctor for health issues which at times might seem minor. He suggested that women should give importance to their health which is also important for the development of the society.

Session by Dr. Mriganka Baruah, Medicine Specialists, Dibrugarh

The second day of the programme i.e. 22 September 2020 was conducted by Dr. Bijoylakshmi Pathak, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialist from Dibrugarh. Her talk focused on a range of health issues related to reproductive health as well as other aspects of women’s health. She dealt with many important aspects in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and also pointed out numerous significant social aspects related to women’s health such as the taboo related to women’s infertility, PCOS/PCOD and menstrual health.

Session by Dr. Bijoylakshmi Pathak, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialist, Dibrugarh

Dr. Pallabi Konwar, Neuropsychiatrist from Lakhimpur in her session on 23 September 2020 talked about various important aspects of women’s mental health which is not only relevant in the present COVID-19 pandemic situation but also significant in everyday life. She deliberated upon various characteristics of women’s mental health conditions according to women’s age groups and requested everyone to treat mental health issues as seriously as any other health issues.

Session by Dr. Pallabi Konwar, Neuropsychiatrist from Lakhimpur

On 24 September 2020, Dr. Jenee Dowerah, Community Medicine Specialist from Dibrugarh discussed various social sides of women’s health particularly different gender discriminations which play a very crucial role on women’s health. She also highlighted many measures along with nutritional and dietary aspects.

Session by Dr. Jenee Dowerah, Community Medicine Specialist, Dibrugarh

Dr. Ranjit Kumar Baruah, a renowned Orthopaedics Specialist from Dibrugarh, in his session on 25 September 2020 talked about orthopaedic health issues amongst women. He emphasized on women giving importance on their health, their calcium intake, and precautionary measures for osteoporosis. Dr. Baruah immensely laid emphasis on women creating a ‘calcium bank’ which plays a vital role in women’s health to be away from many bone and pain related health issues of women which come as a ‘silent thief’ but have serious implications on women’s health.

Session by Dr. Ranjit Kumar Baruah, Orthopaedics Specialist, Dibrugarh

On the last day of the programme i.e. 26 Septmeber 2020, Dr. Chayarani Bora (PT), a physiotherapist from Golaghat discussed about the role of physiotherapy on women’s health. The session focused on a range of issues related to bone structures of human body and how physiotherapy plays a vital role in getting rid of various health issues in all age groups and every aspects starting from a child to a reproductive and pregnant woman to old aged women.

Session by Dr. Chayarani Bora (PT), Physiotherapist, Golaghat

The week long programme was organised with an aim to sensitise especially the rural and uneducated women and girls about various aspects of their health.