Webinar on Entrepreneurial Opportunities during and after Pandemic Organized by Department of Commerce, Dibrugarh University

A two-day webinar on Entrepreneurial Opportunities during and after Pandemic was organized by the Department of Commerce, DU for the PG students of Commerce Stream under Dibrugarh University during September 20-21, 2020.

On September 20, 2020, Dr. Deborshee Gogoi, an alumnus of Department of Commerce and Faculty member of Digboi College has engaged a session on “Entrepreneurial Prospects in the Context of Wildlife Photography”. He emphasized upon how to convert a hobby to a career by following certain principles. Sharing his personal experiences, Dr Gogoi said that he can see several potentials in the field of Wildlife Photography, Tourism and allied activities especially in Assam.

On September 21, 2020, Jonali Saikia Khashnabish, Founder and Managing Director of Heeya Social Enterprise, Director of Heartcrafted Foundation & a livelihood consultant has engaged a session on “Sharpening the Saw during the Pandemic: Preparing for Success”. While sharing her own experiences, she utters that Kindness should be the new normal mantra for success. Entrepreneurial ventures receive success due to proper utilization of the opportunities and strategic risk management.

The participants have actively participated in both the sessions and came up with different quarries. The resource persons have addressed the quarries to their satisfaction. The webinar came to an end with a formal vote of thanks offered by Dr. Chimun Kumar Nath, Head, Department of Commerce, D.U.