Inaugural Ceremony of E-Learning Lab at Directorate of Open and Distance Learning Dibrugarh University (A collaborative project of Oil India Limited (OIL) and Dibrugarh University)

The E-Learning Lab at the Directorate of Open and Distance Learning – a collaborative venture with Dibrugarh University as Oil India Limited’s corporate social responsibility was inaugurated on 13th of May, 2019 by Vice-Chancellor of DU Prof. Ranjit Tamuli in presence of Resident Chief Executive of OIL, Duliajan Sri Pranjit Deka.

The objective of this collaborative effort of Oil India Limited and Dibrugarh University at the Directorate of Open and Distance Learning is to develop learner’s interest in latest educational technology and equip them with proper skills through online learning mode. By utilizing their basic education and learning skills they can find better jobs or start their own small business etc. The E-Learning Lab now operational at the Directorate of Open and Distance Learning, Dibrugarh University houses state-of-the-art audio visual equipment and editing facilities to cater to the essential needs of producing, delivering and enhancing online pedagogy.

The welcome speech was delivered by Director, Directorate of Open and Distance Learning, Dibrugarh University, Dr. Deba Pallav Rajkhowa. He highlighted on providing online pedagogical model in flexible, self-directed study and experiential learning through structured modules to enable leaner autonomy.

In the inaugural speech, the Chief Guest of the ceremony Prof. Ranjit Tamuli, Vice-Chancellor of Dibrugarh University stressed on the importance of E-Learning in contemporary time and appreciated the commitment and contribution of Oil India Limited in promotion of digital initiative of Govt. of India. He also placed the importance of traditional and conventional methods of education in synergy with online education.

The guest of honour Sri. Pranjit Deka Resident Chief Executive of Oil India Limited in his speech expressed his long standing vision for promotion of digital learning. The proposal for an E-Learning Lab from the Directorate of Open and Distance Learning, Dibrugarh University was readily accepted with equal enthusiasm in sanctioning the project. He appreciated the efforts of the Directorate in materializing the proposal in terms of infrastructure and quality output.

Two demo video lectures were released on the occasion for showcasing the output of the E-Learning lab. The first demo video lecture was of Prof. Nasim Wazid Ali, Retd. Professor DHSK Commerce College, Dibrugarh on Income Tax and the second demo lecture was of Dr. Rizwan Rehman, Assistant Professor, Center for Computer Science and Applications, Dibrugarh University on Java Programming. The video lectures received a positive response from the audience with compliments in conceptual clarity, content and quality.

The Registrar of Dibrugarh University Dr. Hari Chandra Mahanta marked that the establishment of E-Learning Lab in the Directorate of Open and Distance Learning, Dibrugarh University was indeed an achievement as a long term collaborative effort of Dibrugarh University and Oil India Limited in aligning with the common goals especially the overlapping academic interest of both the institutions for betterment of society.

Sri Dilip Kumar Bhuyan, General Manager (Pubic Affairs) Oil India Limited appreciated the Directorate of Open and Distance Learning, Dibrugarh University for accomplishing the establishment of E-Learning Lab. Such initiative under OIL’s CSR will impact thousands of aspiring students of Assam & other parts of North-East through digital medium. Sri Bhuyan also mentioned about various unique CSR projects taken up by OIL under Development of Education like promotion of computer education though a very interesting concept of computer on wheels and various other initiatives.

Finally, the vote of thanks was delivered on behalf of the Directorate by Dr. Mithun Jagadish Sharma, Assistant Director (Academic). Appreciation was put forth for dignitaries, distinguished guests, University administration and all representatives present on the occasion.