Faculty of Humanities and Law

Dean: Prof. Arpana Konwar
Dept. of Assamese

Faculty of Social Sciences

Dean: Prof. Deb Kumar Chakraborty
Department of Economics


Faculty of Education

Dean: Prof. Daisy Bora Talukdar
Dept. of Education


Faculty of Commerce and Management Science

Dean: Prof. A. Saha
Dept. of Commerce


Faculty of Science and Engineering

Dean: Prof. S. C. Kakaty
Department of Statistics

Faculty of Biological Sciences

Dean: Prof. L. R. Saikia
Dept. of Life Sciences

Faculty of Earth Sciences and Energy

Dean: Prof. M. N. Dutta
Department of Allied Geology

Dean of  Research and Development

Prof. Dipak Chetia
Dept. of Pharmaceutical Science


Dean of Student Affairs

Prof. Nirode Boruah
Dept. of History