Auditorium and Conference Halls


Rangghar’, the main auditorium of the University is a major facility on the campus. The auditorium is equipped with sophisticated light and  acoustic systems . Cultural programmes and other events of the University are organised  regularly  at Rangghar .

Bishnurabha Rangamancha

Bishnurabha Rangamanch“is a spacious and magnificent open auditorium.

Conference Halls

The University has a number of Conference Halls to host Seminars, Symposia and Workshops. Some major Conference halls are the Indira Miri Conference Hall, Bhojraj Seth Conference Hall, Chintan, Vikshan, Aniruddha Dev Bhavan Conference Hall and Pushpalata Das Conference Hall


Indira Miri Conference Hall (Near L. N. B Library)

Dr. Bhojraj Seth Conference Hall (In the Vice-chancellor’s Office)

Chintan (In the Registrar’s Office)

Vikshan (In the Guest House)

Aniruddhadev Bhawan

Pushpalata Das Conference Hall