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    Library facilities

The following are the facilities available in the LNB Library


a)            1. Computerized bibliographic database of the Library holdings (books, Journals, thesis and back volumes).

b)            2. Computerized Lending facility.

c)            3. Reservation of books to the users (Computerized facility).

d)             4. OPAC/Web-OPAC as well as manual searching facilities (Open Access to Library Holdings)

e)             5. Maintenance of computerized Users Accounts.

f)               6. Internet browsing facility.

g)             7. Reprographic facility.

h)             8. Online journals and archives accessing/downloading facility.

i)              9. Online books accessing/downloading facility.  

j)              10. Offline CD-ROM accessing/lending facility.

k)            11. Scanning oh books and Special Hearing Devices for visually impaired users.   

l)              12. Scanning of Articles & Book Chapters for common users.

m)           13. Centralized Reading facilities

n)            14. Reading carrels for serious readers and Research Scholars with computer access facilities

o)            15. Sound Proof Discussion Room for students

p)            16. Hot & Cold Drinking water facilities

q)            17. Sanitized Lavatory.