NKN Ideathon 2017

The NKN Ideathon-2017 is being organised by National Knowledge Network in association with Indian Institute of Technology Delhi invites the next generation inventors, doers and dreamers to come together and challenge the conventional rules and boundaries of the society and solve a real world problem.

At the Ideathon 2017, taking place in Delhi, Guwahati, Pune and Lucknow , brilliant minds of the nation will come together to brainstorm new opportunity, build revolutionary ideas and unveil the prospect of a smarter India.

The objective of the competition is to catalyze university students from all fields of study to learn more about the complex challenges prevailing in the world, like food, education and health and inspire them to channel their passions and creativity towards developing new ideas that make a difference.

For more information on NKN Ideathon 2017 please visit www.nknideathon.in.


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