Introductory Programme on Google Forms – Development & Implementation at Centre for Management Studies

An Introductory Programme on Google Forms – Development & Implementation was conducted by School of Commerce and Management Science, Dibrugarh University for the faculty members of Department of Commerce and Department of Economics on 4th September 2017 at Centre for Management Studies, Dibrugarh University. Mr. Gautam Barthakur, Assistant Professor, Centre for Management Studies, acted as a Resource Person and addressed the gathering with introductory lessons on Google Forms. Further, he demonstrated how one can create, manage and utilise the Google’s Analytics platform for conducting surveys and attracting feedback from students. Through this online platform researchers can conduct online surveys that help in minimising the cost and survey completion time.

Online Student Feedback System has been implemented by Centre for Management Studies and  is active since last two years. It needs mention that the students do not hesitate to provide feedback as their identity remains confidential in this online platform.

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