Shabnam Yesmin

Shabnam Yesmin
Shabnam Yesmin
Assistant Professor
Applied Psychology



  1. Bachelor’s Degree : B.A. (Hons) Psychology, Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi University.
  2. Master’s Degree : M.A. (Applied Psychology), Specialization- Clinical Psychology, Jamia Millia islamia, Delhi.
  3. Other: Completed the course named “ Hypnosis for the Beginner” from the Indian Hypnosis Academy.

Professional Experience:

  • Clinical psychology (intern), Neuropsychiatry department, Guwahati neurological research center.
  • Clinical psychologist (visiting), Prerona child development center, cinnamora, Jorhat.

Areas of Interest/ Specialization: Counselling Psychology & Personality studies, Dream Interpretation, Hypnosis, Applied social psychology, Positive Psychology, Child psychology, Ethnic identity, Community and rehabilitation, Islamic view of psychology.

Research Projects:

  • Title- Ethnic identity and self esteem as predictors of psychological well being among Assamese students in Delhi and Assam.

Consultancy: Counselor-in-charge, Health center, Dibrugarh University


Research Publications:

  • Published research paper entitled “Influence of ethnic identity and self esteem on psychological well being of Assamese students in Delhi and Assam” in Perspectives on health and wellbeing in India (pp.229-241) by Iqbal, N. & Aleem, S. (Eds.), Excel India Publishers: New Delhi. (ISBN: 978-93-83842-93-3).

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