Dr. Sachchidanand. Sharan Das

Dr. Sachchidanand. Sharan Das
Dr. Sachchidanand. Sharan Das
Assistant Professor
Juridical Studies


Educational Qualifications: LL.B.(Hons.), LL.M.University Medal, Ph.D. (Law)

Contact: 91-9435594172

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]



Human Rights, International Laws

Area of Interest

Constitutional Laws, Property Laws

Course Taught
  1. BA.LL.B.,
  2. BA.LL.B. (Hons.),
  3. LL.M.
Papers Taught
  1. Constitutional Law
  2.  Code of Civil Procedure, 1908
  3.  Women Law
  4. Intellectual Property Law
  5. Labour Laws
  6. Hindu Law
  7. Muslim Law
  8. Transfer Of Property Act,1882 & Easement Act
  9. Public International Law
Paper presented in Seminars/ Conferences/ Symposiums etc.:
  1. Paper presented on the topic “Whether Euthanasia is Crime or not in National and International Criminal Justice System?” in 31st All India Criminology Conference of Indian Society of Criminology on Jan. 18-20, 2008
  2. Paper presented on the topic “Fallacy of Equal Rights Regarding Dimension of Justice to the Rape Victim” in National Symposium on (March 08, 2010) “Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities: Progress of Women” organized by Dept. of  Human Rights, School for Legal Studies, BBAU  Lucknow
  3. Paper presented on the topic “Social Justice in India: Dreams and Reality” in National Seminar on“Social Justice, Indian Constitution and Dr. B.R.Ambedkar” held on April l4th 2011 organized by  Faculty of  Law, University of  Lucknow, Lucknow
  4. Paper presented on the topic “Rivers As Land Reformer Of The Nature: Many Hurdles Created by Modern Interferences” in International seminar on Land Use Land Cover Change and Agro – Biodiversity on March 7th and 8th, 2008 organized by Dept. of Geography, National Post Graduate College, University of Lucknow, Lucknow.


  1. Article published as special article entitled “Victory of Passive Euthanasia in India” in Vidhi Bharti, ISSN No.: 0976-0024, pg. no. – 219, 229
  2. Article published entitled “Victory of Passive Euthanasia in India” as the cover article in The Practical Lawyer, Digest of Supreme Court Cases (SCC).
  3. Article published on the topic “Doddering Trust On The Temple Of Justice In India” in Asian Journal of Social Science Review, ISSN No.: 2249-4634, pg. no. 28-32
  4. Article published entitled “Euthanasia in Indian Perspective(Special Reference of Religion)” in Jigyasa,ISSN No.: 0974-7648, pg. no. 368-377
  5. Article published entitled “Protection of Women under Domestic Violence Act 2005: A Critical Evaluation” in Shodh Pravah, ISSN No.: 2231-4113, pg. no. 119-124
  6. Article published entitled “Rolling Concept of Dharma” in Shodh Prerak,  A Refereed Research Journal, pg. no. 425-427, ISSN: 2231-413X
  7. Article entitled, “Euthanasia-A Rising Controversy” published in ‘LAW HERALD’ (A Legal Newspaper) Vol. 3 part no. 17-18 on September 15, 2010.
  8. Article published entitled “Religious Postulates of Euthanasia in India” in The Legal Analyst, Vol. 1(2011)TLA, pg. 118-122, ISSN: 2231-5594
  9. Article published entitled “Euthanasia in Contemporary World” in Law Journal, Volume – III No. 3. Pg. No. 149 – 158. ISSN No. – 0976-1543
  10. Submitted a Project Report on the topic “Euthanasia: A Rising Controversy” that bears the value of one published paper in Orientation Programme.

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