Dr. Pradeep Kumar Pandey

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Pandey
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Pandey
Assistant Professor
Juridical Studies



  1. Bachelor’s Degree : LL.B. from Banaras Hindu University
  2. Master’s Degree : LL.M. from Banaras Hindu University
  3. Ph.D.: From Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar (Central) University Lucknow
  4. Other: ‘Diploma in Yoga’ from Banaras Hindu University

Professional Experience: Teaching experience of seven years (UG 7 years and PG 4 years)

Areas of Interest/ Specialization: Intellectual Property Law, Cyber Law, Media Law/ Administrative Law, Contract Law

Administrative Assignments: Discharged the responsibilities as Coordinator (Administrative Head), Faculty of Law, ICFAI University Tripura from 2009-2011.


 Research Publications:

 Articles in Journals:

1.   ‘Women Empowerment versus Gang Rape in India: An Analytical Study’, Vol. 3, Issue 1, 2016 National Journal of Comparative Law pp. 53-63.

2.      ‘Is Hairstyle more important than Helmet?’, Vol. 13, 2016 Law Exam Times pp. 15-21.

3.  ‘Efficacy of Insurance Grievance Redressal Mechanism with Special Reference to Insurance Ombudsman: Legal Aspects’, Vol. III Issue III, January-March 2016 The Journal of Insurance Institute of India pp. 60-69.

4.      ‘Critical Analysis of Mid-Day Meal Scheme in Indian Schools: Legal Aspects’, Vol. VIII, 2015 Vidhik Chetana pp. 28-40.

5.      ‘Independence of Indian Judiciary’, Vol. 12, 2016 Law Exam Times (ISSN 2319-9121) 16-24.

6.      ‘Doctrine of Separation of Powers in India’, Vol. 11, 2015 Law Exam Times (ISSN 2319-9121) 26-34.

7.      ‘Restitution of Conjugal Rights’, Vol. 10, 2015 Law Exam Times 16-18.

8.      ‘Human Rights of Police Personnel’, Vol. 9, 2015 Law Exam Times 29-34.

9.      ‘Rights of Prisoners’, Vol. 8, 2013 Law Exam Times 28-31.

10.  ‘Role of Banking Ombudsman in India’, Vol. VII, 2014 Vidhik Chetana 91-100.

11.  ‘State Financing in Disaster Relief in India’, Vol. 6 & 7, 2014 Law Exam Times 50-53.

12.  ‘Advisory Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of India’, Vol. 4, 2013 Law Exam Times 16-20.

13.  ‘Sexual Harassment as Tort’, Vol. 3, 2013 Law Exam Times 21-28.

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23.  ‘Hazards of Hospital Wastes in India: Laws, Policies and Practice’, Vol. 3 Issue 3, 2010-2011 Chotanagpur Law Journal 22-36.

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Books and Book Chapters:

Books Written:

1)      Assam Judicial Service (Preliminary) Examination. (ISBN 978-93-84303-29-7).

2)      Tripura Judicial Service Examination. (ISBN 978-93-84303-71-6).

3)      Punjab & Haryana Judicial Service. (ISBN 978-93-84303-22-8).

4)      All India Bar Examination. (ISBN 978-93-843031-0-5).

5)      Solved Papers of Judicial & Other Law Competitions. (ISBN 978-93-84303-40-2).

6)      Solved Papers of Competitive Law Exams. (ISBN 978-81-925276-3-5).

7)      Bihar Judicial Service Examination: Practice Work Book cum Solved papers. (ISBN 978-93-84303-43-3).

8)      Text Book onRegulatory Framework of Business-I. (ISBN 978-93-84095-26-0).

9)      Text Book onRegulatory Framework of Business-II. (ISBN 978-93-81850-83-1).

10)  Sexual Harassment and Law in India: Indian Perspective. (ISBN 978-3-8473-4669-2).

11)  Law Relating to Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Working Women. (ISBN 978-93-8009-019-1).

12)  Environmental Studies. (ISBN 978-81-925276-1-1).

13)  Text Book onModern Banking Practices. (ISBN 978-93-81850-96-1).

14)  Law Examination: UGC-JRF/NET. (ISBN 978-93-313-1867-1).

15)  Vidhi Pariksha: UGC-JRF/NET. (ISBN 978-93-313-1849-7).

16)  U.P. Police Constable Examination Guide. (ISBN 978-93-81292-28-0).

17)  U.P. Ranker Sub Inspector (Civil Police) Examination Guide. (ISBN 978-93-80289-93-9).


Books Edited:

  1. Human Rights: Contemporary Issues.
  2. Children’s Rights: Laws, Policies and Practice.
  3. Social Security.
  4. Women Rights: Violence, Human Rights and Empowerment.
  5. Human Rights and Gender Justice.
  6. Human Rights.
  7. Intellectual Property Law.

Chapter in Books:

  1. ‘Adjudication of Patent Disputes through Commercial Courts System: A Legal Study’ in: S.C. Roy, Working of Patents: Law and Pharmaceutical Implications.

  2. ‘Child Marriage: Past vs. Present’ in Sukanta Sarkar, Crime against Women.
  3. ‘Prohibition of Unfair Practices in Higher Education in India: A Legal Study’ in Rajive Kumar & Narendra Kumar (ed.), Higher Education in India.
  4. ‘Contract Farming in India: Benefits and Challenges’ in Sukanta Sarkar (et al.), Agrarian Economy in India: Challenges and Government Initiative.
  5. ‘Protection of Geographical Indications in India: An Analysis’ in O. N. Tiwari (ed.), Intellectual Property Rights: Dimension and Issues.
  6. ‘Legal Protection of Children with HIV/AIDS’ in P.K. Pandey(ed.), Children’s Rights: Laws, Policies and Practice.
  7. ‘Critical Analysis of Armed Forces (Special Power) Act, 1958: Human Rights Perspective’ in George T. Haokip(ed.),Human Rights and Social Security in North East India.
  8. ‘The Menace of Corrective Rape: Human Rights Perspective’ in P.K. Pandey(ed.), Women Rights: Violence, Human Rights and Empowerment.
  9. ‘Gender Justice and Uniform Civil Code: An Overview’ in P.K. Pandey(ed.), Human Rights and Gender Justice.
  10. ‘Protection of Human Rights of Disabled Women’ in P.K. Pandey(ed.), Human Rights.
  11. ‘Protection of Industrial Design in India: A Legal Study’ in P.K. Pandey(ed.), Intellectual Property Law.
  12. ‘Corporate Governance in India: An Overview’ in: Dipak Das & Sanjay Kumar Singh (eds.), Corporatization and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  13. ‘Sexual Harassment of Working Women and Human Rights Issues’ in: Anjana Kaul (ed.), Human Rights Education.
  14. ‘Female Genital Mutilation: An Analysis’ in: Sanjay Kumar Singh (ed.), Gender Justice & Women Empowerment.
  15. ‘Forest Conservation in India: An Overview’ in: Sanjay Kumar Singh (ed.), Environmental Law and Climate Change.
  16. ‘Sexual Harassment: A Crime against Women’ in: R. Bandyopadhyay (et al.) (eds.), Women Rights Human Rights.

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