Dr. (Mrs.) Neeta Kalita Barua

Dr. (Mrs.) Neeta Kalita Barua
Dr. (Mrs.) Neeta Kalita Barua
Applied Psychology



  1. Bachelor’s Degree: B.A. (1985); (Edn- Hons); Cotton College, Gauhati University.
  2. Master’s Degree: M.A. (1989); (Edn), Gauhati University.
  3. Ph.D.:  Education,  (2006); Department of Education, Dibrugarh University.

Professional Experience: 

  • 04-09-1989 to 07-02-1991 (ad-hoc), Dept. of Education, Dibrugarh University
  • 07-02-1991 onwards till date in Dept. of Education, Dibrugarh University
  • 01-11-2015 onwards in CSBS (App. Psychology), Dibrugarh University

Areas of Interest/ Specialization: 

  1. Developmental Psychology
  2. Mental Health Issues in Education
  3. Education and Development


  • One Project (PROJECT SANSKAR) in collaboration with Zaloni Ladies Club of Duliajan, for adolescent girls of the rural areas and backward communities, related to creating awareness in young adolescent girls about the developmental changes during adolescence and preparing them to be mentally and physically fit to be able to adapt to these life-changes in a healthy and socially desirable manner and develop themselves as empowered young ladies.


Ph.D Scholars:


Sl. No.






(On-going / Completed)



Ms. Darshana Bharali


“Education and Rural Health:  A Study of Adolescent Mothers in the Tea-Gardens of Golaghat District, Assam.”

Completed and Result Declared in June 2014.


Mr. Lokman Ali

“Self Concept and its relation with Academic Achievement:  A Study on Secondary School Students of Assam, with special reference to Tinsukia District.

Completed and Result Declared in June 2015


Ms. Leena Dutta

“Attitude of Students towards Skill Development Under-Graduate Programmes in Dibrugarh University.”

Completed and Result Declared in June 2016



Mr. Amar Upadhyaya

“Cost of Secondary Teacher Education in Assam: A Study of the Colleges of Teacher Education under Dibrugarh University.”

Completed and Result Declared in June 2016


Mrs. Nivedita Bezbarua Borthakur

“A Study on the Mental Health Problems among Adolescents in the Secondary Schools of Jorhat district.”

Completed and Result Declared in June 2016


Mrs. Pronita Kalita

“A Study on the Socio-Emotional Adjustment of Adolescents studying in Higher Secondary Institutions of Assam, with special reference to Dibrugarh district.

Ph.D. Viva to be held shortly


Mrs. Bonnie Amonge Crerar

“Adolescence Education Programme in India:  An Evaluative Study of its Implementation in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Schools of Assam.”

Abstract submitted


Mr. Jiban Boruah

“Impact of Yoga and Physical Exercise on the Adjustment of Adolescent Students studying in the Higher Secondary Schools of Jorhat district, Assam.”



Ms Nilakshi Senapati

“Environmental Behaviour of the students of the Under-Graduate Programmes of Dibrugarh University in relation to their Environmental Awareness and Attitude.”

To be registered in next Research Council


Mr Debojit Borah




Ms. Rashmirekha Dutta Tamuly




Administrative Assignments:

  1. DMC Chairperson, Dept of Education for 2 (two) terms in 1995-96 & 2000-01.
  2. HoD of Dept of Education, DU:  01-04-2012 to 31-03-2015.
  3. Member Secretary, DU B. Ed CET Cell, 2012-13.
  4. President of DU B. Ed CET Cell, 2013-14 and 2014-15.
  5. Member Secretary of DURAT Board, Dept of Education, DU (2014-15).
  6. Director i/c: CSBS, (Applied Psychology), DU w.e.f. 02-11-2015.
  7. Chairperson, GSCCSH of Dibrugarh University, w.e.f. 22nd December 2016.
  8. Chairperson, BoS in Applied Psychology (2015 onwards) & BoS in Multi-Disciplinary MA Programme in Communication for Sanitation, Hygiene and Health (2016 onwards).
  9. Chairperson, BoS in Education (2012-15) – introduced MPhil Programme in Education in 2012.
  10. Member, BoS in Education since 2009.
  11. GB Member of Duliajan Girls’ College, Duliajan, since 2015.
  12. GB Member of Namrup College of Teacher Education, since 2015.
  13. Member of various Administrative bodies of the Dibrugarh University.


  • Guidance and Counselling services offered to School and College students.
  • Adolescent Education Programmes conducted for both Teachers and Students of Educational Institutions.

Extension Service:

  1. Resource Person of Seminars & Workshops for College Teachers organized by ACTA; as well as for Secondary School Teachers organized by district authorities.
  2. Organized and conducted Adolescent Education Programmes for both Teachers and Students of Secondary Schools of Dibrugarh district.
  3. Voluntary Counselling services offered on request from parents and/or educational administrators.
  4. Awareness Rallies, Surveys, Street Plays and other Communication Strategies used for promotion of Mental Health Awareness in and around the University Community.


 Research Publications:

  1. “A Study to determine the Private Cost of Students for acquiring Secondary Teacher Education Course in Assam, with reference to the Secondary Teacher Education Institutions under Dibrugarh University” published  in PRATIDHWANI: THE ECHOA Peer-Reviewed International Journal of Humanities & Social Science, Impact Factor: 6.28 (Index Copernicus International), July, 2015 (ISSN: 2278-5264) (Online) 2321-9319 (Print), Volume-IV, Issue-I, Page No. 80-87.
  2. “Critical Thinking Skills in Teacher Education: Need and Strategies”,AMERICAN RESEARCH THOUGHTS- an International Multidisciplinary Research Journal, Double Blind Peer Reviewed, May, 2015 (ISSN 2392- 876X)
  3. “An Analysis of the Status of Recurring Expenditure of Colleges of Teacher Education in Assam” INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN MANAGEMENT & SOCIAL SCIENCE of Empyreal Institute of Higher Education, Guwahati, October-December,  2014, Volume 2 , Issue 4(I), (Impact Factor: 1.142) (ISSN : 2322-0899)
  4. “A Study to Examine the Sources of the Funds of the Secondary Teacher Education Institutions in Assam” RESEARCH JOURNAL OF MDKG published by MDKG Girls’ College, Dibrugarh, October, 2014, Vol. 3(2), pp. 79 – 83 (ISSN: 2278-1064)
  5. “Determinants of Teacher Trainee’s Monetary Expenditure for Secondary Teacher Education Course in Assam”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ACADEMIC RESEARCH – Voice of Intellectuals, a Quarterly Online Journal, September, 2014, Vol. 1, Issue 3(1) pp. 114 – 121 (ISSN 2348-7666)
  6. “Understanding Mental Health Problems among Secondary School Students of Jorhat District: The Need for a Policy Perspective in the 21st Century”, EDUCATION TODAY (A Peer Reviewed Journal): An International Journal of Education and Humanities, Jan– Dec, 2014, Vol.- V, Number 1, pp. 231–237 (ISSN: 2229-5755)
  7. “A Study of the Problems of Secondary Teacher Education Institutions (STEIs) in Assam, with special reference to the STEIs under Dibrugarh University”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN MANAGEMENT & SOCIAL SCIENCE published by Empyreal Institute of Higher Education, Guwahati, July – Septembe,r 2014, Vol. 2, Issue 3(IV)  pp. 35–40 (ISSN 2322-0899)
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Books and Book Chapters:

  1. Gender, Peace and Development in North East India: Chapter (pp. 47 – 57) published in “Education for Peace” published by DVS Publishers, H.B. Road, Panbazar, Guwahati  (ISBN:  978-81-86307-46-5)
  2. Problems of Women in the Present Social Scenario in Assam & Possible Remedies: Chapter (pp. 28–37), published in “Empowering Women through Education”, edited by R. Mohan, and published by Buddha Study & Research Center, Sonari College (ISBN: 978-81-924415-2-8)
  3. Higher Education in India: Post-  Independence Era: Chapter (pp. 250–258) published in “Impact of Privatization on Indian Higher Education”, edited by R. Gohain & R. Phukon, published by EBH Publishers (India), 136, M.L. Nehru Road,  Panbazar, Guwahati - 781001 (ISBN: 978-93-83252-43-5)
  4. “A Study of Availability of Infrastructure Facilities for Physical Education  and Health-care Practices in the Secondary Schools of Assam with reference to Dibrugarh District” Seminar Paper Proceedings published by North East Regional Institute of Education (NERIE- a unit of  NCERT), Shillong (ISBN: 978-81-929162-0-0)
  5. Quality Education in the 21st Century: A Challenge for Teachers: Chapter (pp. 01– 12) published in “Issues & Challenges of Teacher Education in the 21st Century” edited by Lokman Ali, Asst. Professor of Domdooma College, on the compilation of select Seminar Papers of National Seminar held in Doomdooma College, by Eastern Book House, Guwahati (ISBN: 978-93-83252-26-8)

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