Madhuryya Saikia

Madhuryya Saikia
Madhuryya Saikia
Assistant Professor


Educational Qualifications:

B.E. (Jorhat Engineering College,Jorhat)
M.Tech (Tezpur University)

[email protected]


Energy Technology

Area of Interest

Power Plant

Subjects Taught
  1. Engineering Mechanics
  2. Machine Drawing
  3. Dynamics of Machines



1. “Analysis of Physical Properties of Biomass Briquettes Prepared by Wet Briquetting Method”International Journal of Engineering Research and Development, Volume 6, Issue 5, (March 2013), PP. 12-14)

2. “Study of Combustion Characteristics of Fuel Briquettes”,International Journal of Computational Engineering Research, Vol 0 4, Issue, 3

Amit Talukdar , Dipankar Das, Madhurjya Saikia

3. “Challenges of Wet Briquetting from Locally Available Biomass”,International Journal of Modern Engineering Research,Vol.3, Issue.3, May-June. 2013 pp-1707-1711

4.  “Challenges of Wet Briquetting from Locally Available Biomass with Special Reference to Assam”,International Journal of Computational Engineering Research,Vol, 03,Issue, 7

5.”Prospect of Bio energy substitution in Tea Industry of North East India”, International Journal of Modern Engineering Research, Vol 3, issue-3,pp-1272-1278

Conference papers


1.“Development of quality testing methodologies of fuel briquettes”, Recent Advances in Bioenergy Research, held in SSS-NIRE, A Indian Govt Research Institute, Kapurthala, Punjab, 2013.

2.  “An Investigation of effectiveness of Messua Ferrea L. Seed cake as a binder in briquettes made from rice straw, teak and banana leaves”, International Symposium on aspects of Mechanical Engineering and Technology for Industry (AMETI,2014) organised by Mechanical Deptt , NERIST. (Accepted paper for oral presentation, Dec, 2014)

Book chapters

1. four chapters for the course Management and auditing DRE 201 in PG Diploma in Renewable Energy and Energy Management offered by Department of Energy, Tezpur University, Assam, India

a. Monitoring and targeting

b. Electrical Energy Management

c. Thermal Energy Management


d. Financial and Project Management

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