Dr. D.S. Bora

Dr. D.S. Bora
Dr. D.S. Bora
Life Sciences



  1. Bachelor’s Degree: B.Sc with major in Zoology, Cotton College
  2. Master’s Degree: M.Sc in Zoology with specialization in Entomology, Gauhati University
  3. Ph.D.: Ph.D in Life Sciences (Insect toxicology), Dibrugarh University

Professional Experience:

In teaching and research:

  • Professor from 01.06.2011 till date
  • Reader from 11.11.1999 till 31.05.2011
  • Lecturer from 12.5.1989 till 10.11.1999
  • Worked as part time faculty in “Centre for studies in Biotechnology” from 2011 till 2016.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Zoology (Entomology)

Areas of interest:

  • Interested in Chemical ecology with regard to insect-plant interaction
  • Exploration of bioresources of NE India for development of formulation against insect/microbes
  • Recent involvement in studies related to insecticidal mode of action and insect’s resistance/adaptation to insecticides/xenobiotics.

Research Projects:    

  1. “Effect of plant extracts on Uzi fly and Antheraea assama (Westwood.)” funded by UGC from 2007-2010 for amt., 4.19 lakhs ( As Principal Investigator )
  2. As Principal Investigator on “A study on host parasitoid interactions with special reference to uzi fly (Diptera: Tachinidae) and Antheraea assama (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) funded by DST from 2008 to 2011 for 22.11 lakhs (As Principal Investigator )
  3. As Principal investigator on “Bitrophic perspectives in interaction of Antheraea assama Westwood with its host plants” funded by UGC from 2011 to 2014. Amt.8.18,300 lakhs. (As Principal Investigator)
  4. As Principal Investigator on “An in-depth study of host-non-mulberry silkworm interaction with special reference to extra floral nectaries (EFN) and volatile organic chemicals (VOC) of host plants and the silkworm’s adaptations to the host plant’s defense response” funded by DBT in DBT-Twinning program for 2016 to 2019 for 62.90 lakhs. (As Principal Investigator)

Other Projects:

  1. DST-FIST, 2015 -2016 from development of the proposal till receipt of the grant (No. SR/FST/LSI-635 Dtd. 18.11.2015) ( 118.0 lakhs) ( AS Co-Ordinator )

Ph.D Scholars:

Sl. No.




(On-going /Completed)


Bulbuli Khanikor

Evaluation of extracts and essential oil of Ocimum and Ageratum against uzi fly, Exorista sorbillans (Wiedemann), a parasitoid of Antheraea assama Westwood



Purnima Das

Formulation of   Beauveria bassiana Vuill. For integrated management of rice hispa, Dicladispa armigera (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)



Hiren Gogoi

Pest status of rice case worm (Nymphula depunctalis Guenee) in Dhemaji District , Assam and its response to the extracts of certain plants of ethnic importance



Bhabesh Deka

Tritrophic perspectives in parasitization of Antheraea assama (Lepidoptera; Saturniidae) by Exorista sorbillans (Diptera: Tachinidae Wiedemann); a clue for parasitoid managementmanagement



Sangeeta Hazarika

Microbial diversity of termite infested tea areas of Assam and possible utilization of microbes for its control



Amrita Mech



7. Sangeeta Borthakur   Ongoing
8. Urbi Devi   Ongoing
9. Bardwi Narzari   Ongoing
10. Falgun Chetia   Ongoing
11. Gayatri Baruah   Ongoing
12. Aparupa Gogoi   Ongoing


Seminars/workshop/Invited talks: (from 2009)

  • 16th International Congress of Entomology on “Entomology without border” held from 25-30 Sep. 2016 in Orlando, Florida, USA. Presented on “Restricted Diet breadth and host defense specific adaptation in Antheraea assamensis: A case study”
  • Workshop on "Research Project Development" held in NAARM, Hyderabad on 24-26 march, 2014 by NFBSFAR
  • Invited talk on “Talks between insects and plants: an approach for pest management“  in National seminar on“ Biodiversity and sustainable development  held in Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh” in 17-19th October, 2013
  • International seminar on "Insect, human and environment" held on 3-5 October, 2012 in Putrajaya, Malayasia.
  • 59th Annual meeting of Entomological Society of America held in Reno, Nevada, 11-13  November, 2011. Virtual presentation.
  • International seminar held on “Bioresources and Human Sustenance” held on 20-23 october, 2011 organized by Cotton College and Zoological Society of Assam, Guwahati.
  • 6th International seminar on “Molecular insect science” held in Amsterdam on 2-5 October, 2011
  • 98th Indian Science Congress held in SRM University, Chennai, January, 2011
  • International Consultation on DNA Barcoding held on 6-7 November, 2010 in PUSA, ICAR, New Delhi.
  • Invited talk on ‘From the perspective of an entomologist: Ecotourism in Jeypore Reserve Forest’ presented in the seminar on ‘Jeypore Reserve Forest and Eco-Tourism’ held in March, 2011
  • ‘Hands on training on DNA Barcoding in NCCS’, Pune 30th September to 5th October, 2010
  • National Seminar on “Climate change and sustainable development” held on 1-3rd April, 2010 in Tezpur University.
  • Workshop on “Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Tools in teaching and research”, 11-13 March, 2010
  • National Seminar on ‘Global Climate change and Frontier Research in Life Sciences’ held in march, 2010, Dibrugarh University
  • 96th Indian Science Congress held in NEHU, Shillong, January, 2009.

Administrative Assignments:

  • Chairperson, Departmental management committee in Life Sciences, two terms
  • Served as Head, Department of Life Sciences from 1st July, 2012 to 30th June, 2015
  • Co-ordinator DST-FIST proposal 2015 -2016 from development of the proposal till receipt of the grant.
  • Member, co-ordination committee, DST-FIST, Dept. of Life Sciences
  • Chairperson, Board of Studies in Department of Life Sciences from 1st July, 2012 to 30th June, 2015
  • Chairperson, CBCS Board in department of Life Sciences from 1st July, 2012 to 30th June, 2015
  • Member, Research Council in Science since July, 1.7. 2011 to 1.7.2015
  • Member, Academic Council since July, 2011
  • Member, School Board in Science and Engineering

Extension Service:

  • Served as Editor of peer reviewed journal “Bulletin of Life Sciences” from 2008 to 2013
  • Reviewer for Springer Nature

Membership, Professional Organisation:

  • Indian Science Congress (Life member)
  • Entomological Society of America (Regular)
  • Society for Invertebrate pathology, California (Regular)
  • Zoological society of Assam (Life member)


Research Publications:
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  16. Gogoi, H. and Bora, D.S. (2012) Bio-efficacy Potential of Some Ethnically Important Plants  against Nymphula depunctalis Guene´e (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) larvae with special reference to Calotropis procera and Zanthoxylum nitidum. National Acad. Science Letter. DOI 10.1007/s40009-012-0030-1s.
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 Submission of gene sequence to NCBI GenBank

  1. Hazarika, S,  Borthakur, B.K. and Bora, D. (2015)Metarhizium anisopliae isolate DULS TTRA 18S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence.GenBank: Accession no.KT119358
  2. Hazarika, S,  Borthakur, B.K. and Bora, D. (2015) Purpureocillium lilacinaum isolate DULS TTRA 18S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence.GenBank (NCBI): Accession no.KT 119357
  3. Hazarika, S,  Borthakur, B.K. and Bora, D. (2015) Aspergillus flavus strain DULS TTRA  18S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence.GenBank: Accession no.KP 893282
  4. Hazarika, S, Borthakur, B.K. and Bora, D. (2015) 18s rRNA sequences submitted to GenBank: Accession no. KP833281 for fungal strain DULSTTRA1  and KP833282 for fungal strain DULSTTRA2

Books and Book Chapters:

  1. Bora, D.S. (2006) Sensitivity of Antheraea assama Westwood  to interaction of photoperiod and thermoperiod. Muga Silkworm (Antheraea assama), Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Molecular Biology. Peer Reviewed. Edited by B.G. Unni, 2006, 67-74. ISO-9091
  2. Bora, D. S. and Khanikor, B. (2010) Plant extracts  for management of Uzi fly Exorista sorbillans Wiedemann ( Diptera: Tachiniidae). Bioresources for rural livelihood, Vol-I Edited by G.K. Kulkarni, B.N. Pandey and B.D. Joshi.  217-224. ISBN No. 978-93-80428-06-2.
  3. Dipsikha Bora, Bulbuli Khanikor and Hiren Gogoi (2012) Plant Based Pesticides: Green Environment with Special Reference to Silk Worms. In Pesticides– Advances in Chemical and Botanical Pesticides. In Tech Publisher. Croatia.http://dx.doi.org/10.5772/47832

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