Bornali Buragohain

Bornali Buragohain
Bornali Buragohain
Assistant Professor


Educational Qualifications: M.A., M. Phil in History (Dibrugarh University) SLET

Specialization: Ancient Indian History

Contact: 9435747963

E-mail: [email protected]


History of Ancient India

Area of Interest
  • Legal History,
  • Women issues
Course / Papers Taught
BA.LL.B. / BA.Ll.B. (Honours)
  • History of India: Ancient to Mughal
  • History of India: Modern Period
  • Legal History
  • Constitutional History
Papers Presented
  1.  Presented A Paper titled “Indigenous Knowledge of Dye among the Tai Phake of Assam”  at a National Seminar organized by the Dept. of Anthropology, Dibrugarh University, 23rd & 24th Jan., 2004.
  2. Presented a Paper on “Privatisation and Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges of Globalisation, With Special Reference to North-East India”at a Regional Seminar organized by MDKG College, Dibrugarh, 3rd & 4thDec., 2005.
  3. Presented a   Paper titled “An Overview of the Knowledge  and  Skill Development Strategies in Environmental Education”  at National Seminar Organised by Dibru College, Dibrugarh, 22-23January, 2010.
  4.  Presented a Paper on “Combating Violence Against Women  with  SpecialReference to the Role of Women Cell of Social Welfare Department of Dibrugarh  District” at a National  Seminar  Sponsored by ICSSR  and organised  by  the Dept. of Political Science, Dibrugarh University, 25-26 February, 2010.
  5. Presented a  Paper on “Influence Of Ignorance, Disease And Moral Values on the Health Status of the Women of the N.E. Region Of India”  at  a National  Seminar organised by the Dept. Of Political Science, CKB College, Teok, 6-7 Sept.2010.                                  
  6. Presented a  Paper on “Interrogating  Ex-Centric  Identities in Mahesh Dattani’s Plays in the Light  of  Performativity” at a  U.G.C.  SponsoredNational  Seminar organised  by the Dept. Of English, Southfield College, Darjeeling, 12-13 March, 2012
  7. Presented a Paper titled ".A Study on Urban Solid Waste Management with Special Reference to the Role of Dibrugarh Municilal Board " at A U.G.C. Sponsored National Seminar organised by Dergoan Kamal Dowerah College , Dergoan on January 18-19  2013
  8. Presented a  Paper titled “Urbanization and its impact on the Environment  with Special reference to the role of Municipal Bodies in Dibrugarh District”  at a UGC sponsored National Seminar organised by Dept. Of English, CKB Commerce College, Jorhat, 4-5 May, 2012.
  9. Presented a  Paper titled "Solid Waste Management and the role of Urban Local Bodies" at a UGC. sponsored National seminar organised by M.D.K.G. College Dibrugarh on 8-9, February 2013
  10. Presented a  Paper titled "A study on Solid Waste Management ; Comprehensive Planning and Challenges Ahead "  at a U.G.C. National Seminar  organasied by at Demow College Demow , Sibsagarh, Assam on 20-21 September 2012
  11. Presented a  Paper titled " An Analysis of Indian Legal Regime on Sexual Haressesment on Women " at a ICSSR, New Delhi sponsored National Seminar held on 7-9 November at M.D.K.G. College Dibrugarh .Assam
Teaching Experience
  1. Teaching experience as a Lecturer in the dept. of History, M.D.K.G.College, Dibrugarh, from 2004-2007.
  2. Teaching as an Assistant Professor in the Centre forJuridical Studies, Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh, from July, 2007 till date.


  1. Published an aricle entitled "Judicial Instutions in Ancient India "  in the Law Journal of Centre for  Juridical Studies, Dibrugarh University, 2009 , page no 91-97
  2. Published an article entitled "Dowry through the Ages :A Socio-Legal Perspective" in the  Law  Journal of Centre for  Juridical Studies .DIbrugarh University,  2010 ISSN -0976-1543 , page no 75-82
  3. Published an article entitled "Women and Domestic  Violence  A  Socoi - Legal Perspective"  in the Law Journal of Centre for Juridical Studies , Dibrugarh University ,  2011, ISSN -0976 -1543 , page no 95-105
  4. Published an article entitled " An Overview of the Knowledge and Skill Development Strategies in Environmental Education in the Proceding Volume on National Seminar Stragies for Knowledge and Skill Development in the Present Education System: North East  Perspective , Dibru  College, Dibrugarh, 2010,  page no128-134
  5. Published an article entitled "  Evolution of Legal Framework in Environmental Protection in Pre Indenpence India in the Law Journal of Centre for Juridical Studies , Dibrugarh University  2012, ISSN 0976-1543, page no165-172
  6. Published an article entitled "A Study of Urban Manement with  Special Reference to the Role of Municipal Board of Dibrugarh District in the Book of Proceedings of UGC Sponsored National Seminar on" Rural and Urban Management : Environmental , Health and Economic Consideration",  Editor Rajib Borthakur, Dergoan,2014, 
  7. PUblished an articlentitled " Urbanasation and itsI impact on Environment with Special Reference to Dibrugarh Muniicipal Board in the Proceeding Volume of UGC Sponsored National Seminar Published by Seminar Organiging Oommittee and Department of English CKB Commerce College, Jorhat, Assam 2012 page 300=308
  8. Published an  aricle entitled " Interogating Ex Centric  Identity in Mahesh Datani's Pays in the light of Performating in the Book De= Sterotypeing Indian Bodies and Desire  edited by Kaustav Chakraborty , Cambridge Scholars Publishing ,New Castle ,ISBN(10) :1-4438-5253=8, ISBN(13) :978=14438=5253, page no 81=94 

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