Dr Aparajita Dutta

Dr Aparajita Dutta
Dr Aparajita Dutta
Assistant Professor
Juridical Studies



  1. Bachelor’s Degree: B.Sc.; LL.B.
  2. Master’s Degree: LL.M.
  3. Ph.D.: Law
  4. NET, Ph.D.
Professional Experience:
  1. Presently working as Assistant Professor in the Centre For Juridical Studies, Dibrugarh University since 19th August, 2013
  2. Six years teaching experience in NERIM Law College, Guwahati, Assam as Assistant Professor in Law.

Areas of Interest/ Specialization:

  • Constitutional Law, Criminal Law


Research Publications:

  1. Aparajita Dutta, Dr  A.K.  Sinha, Mental Element in the Commission of Crime, Gauhati Law Reports, Vol 2 part l, March, 2012.
  2. Aparajita Dutta, Ombudsman and India, Gauhati Law Times, Vol IV Issue 2, September, 2012.
  3. Aparajita Dutta, Constituent Power and the Constitution of India, Law Exam Times, December  2013, ISSN 2319-9121
  4. Aparajita Dutta, Defamation, Law Exam Times, Vol 5  2014, page 32-33, ISSN 2319-9121
  5. Aparajita Dutta, Federalism and the Constitution of India, Law  Exam Times, Vol-8, 2015 page no 41-44 ISSN 2319-9121
  6. Aparajita Dutta, A. K. Sinha, Basic Structure Phenomenon of the Constitution of India, Calcutta Law Times, October 2014, Vol 4, part 1, page 6-18, ISSN 0971-748X
  7. Aparajita  Dutta, Dr A. K. Sinha, General Aspects of Liability in Criminal Attempt, Indian Human Rights Law Review, Vol 5 No 2, ISSN 2230-7036, Page- 251-257 December, 2014
  8. Aparajita Dutta, Gauging the Liability in Criminal Attempt, International Journal of Academic Research, ISSN 2348-7666, Vol 2 issue 2(1), April-June, 2015, page 77-80
  9. Aparajita Dutta, Impossibility and Abandonment in Criminal Attempt, International Journal of Research in Management and Social Science, Vol 3, Issue 2 (iv) April-June 2015, page 9-11
  10. Aparajita Dutta, Analysis of Objectivity in Criminal Attempt, Dibrugrh University Law Journal, Vol 2, No 2, page 42-53.
  11. Aparajita Dutta, An Analysis of the Law of Negligence in Criminal Jurisprudence, Law Exam Times, VOL-16, 2017, Page-32-34

Books and Book Chapters:

  1. Aparajita Dutta, Capital Punishment, Capital Punishment in India, edited by Bijoy Chandra Mohapatra and Sudhanshu Ranjan Mohapatra, page no 173-182, ISBN no 9788184354379, publishers name Adhyayan publishers and distributors, Ansary Road New Delhi.

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