Dr. Amarjyoti Mahanta

Dr. Amarjyoti Mahanta
Dr. Amarjyoti Mahanta
Associate Professor



Specialization: Demography & Population Studies


Phone No:2147483647

Mobile No:919435052483


[email protected]
[email protected]

Areas of Interest

Demography & Population Studies, International Economics

Courses Currently Teaching
  • Monetary Theories and Policies
  • International Economics
  • Demography
  •  Life member of the North Eastern Economic Association (NEEA)
Research Projects Completed: 3


1. “Family Planning among the Tea Garden Labour Community of Assam: A Study on Level and Determinants of Ever Use of Contraceptives” The Journal of Family Welfare, Vol.60 No.1, June 2014, p.74-82,Family Planning Association of India, Mumbai.

2. “Determinants of Rural Fertility: Evidence from Dibrugarh District of Assam” The International Journal Of Humanities & Social Studies, Volume 2, Issue 8; August, 2014, p.103-110.

3. “Quantifying the Status of Child Health and Health Contributors in Assam” Asian Resonance, Vol.III, Issue III, 2014; p.214-221.

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5. “Child Survival and Reproductive Behaviour: A Study of the Mising Population of Assam” Assam Economic Journal, Volume XXV, 2013, p.61-72.

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9. “An Enquiry into the Factors Responsible for Infant Mortality: A Study of a Tribal Society” Assam Economic Journal, Volume XXIII, 2011, p. 45-57.

10. “Utilisation of Maternal Care Services: A Study of the Mishing Tribe of Assam” Assam Economic Journal, Vol. XXII, 2009-10, p.63-76.

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