A discussion on nature writings and it’s role in nature conservation was held at Centre for Social Work Studies, Dibrugarh University on 29th May, 2023

The discussion was graced by Sri. Soumyadeep Datta, Director – Nature’s Beckon as the invited speaker. Prof. Nitul Kumar Gogoi, Chairperson – Centre for Social Work Studies DU, welcomed Sri. Datta to this discussion. He shared his words of encouragement for the progressive leadership shown by Nature’s Beckon in bringing social change in Assam through biodiversity conservation. Dr. Monuj Dutta, Assistant Professor spoke about his experience in leading the MSW 4th Semester students for a 5 days Nature Orientation and Social Responsibility Camp at Chakrashila Wild Life Sanctuary which was organised by the Centre for Social Work Studies in collaboration with Nature’s Beckon from 14/02/2023 to 18/02/2023. He shared about the unique learning experience gained in this camp.

Sri. Soumyadeep Datta spoke at length about nature writings, a new age genre of modern literature which typically refers to writings and work of literature (fiction, non-fiction) that inspires feelings and motivation of nature-conservation in the reader’s mind. He discussed about the growth of nature-writings in Assam, he called nature-writings as purposeful literature which is based on the selfless motivation of human mind towards nature conservation. He cited the important role played by nature-writings as an effective tool in spreading the green movement amongst the people of Assam. He spoke about important contributions which led the parallel nature-writings movement along with biodiversity conservation in Assam. He encouraged the students to participate in the nature writings movement of Assam, he urged the students to be empowered green leaders of India.

The discussion was hosted by Smt. Antara Hazarika, a student of MSW 4th Semester. Sri. Ikramul Hussain, a student of MSW 4th Semester presented a discussion about the book, ‘Aranyat Ekhoj Dokhoj’, written by Sri. Soumyadeep Datta. He beautifully connected everyone with the thrill of each forest tale included in this rare collection of forest-based stories from NE India. Smt. Rittika Bhuyan, a student of MSW 4th Semester presented a discussion on the book, ‘ Utbhaxito Mayabon’, written by Sri. Soumyadeep Datta. She spoke about the lucid, poetic narration of the author about the forests captured in his powerful writings of this book. A masterpiece of Assamese literature, this book provides an ethereal experience to the readers, an unputdownable page turner. Smt. Priyanki Borah shared her camp experiences with everyone. She spoke about the beautiful opportunity to learn in nature’s own Universiry. She spoke about the effectiveness of the learning experience in such natural environment where they had the opportunity to learn alot about themselves, their inner self apart from gaining many first time experiences and unforgetable memories. The discussion was followed by distribution of certificates for the participants of the Chakrashila Nature Camp.

The event was attended by the faculty members and the MSW students of the Centre of Social Works Studies, Dibrugarh University.