Street play for raising vigilance awareness organized on 31st October, 2022

As per AICTE mandate on Vigilance Awareness Week (31st October to 6th November 2022), students from the Dibrugarh University Institute of Engineering, Dibrugarh University staged a street play in front of the University’s Hitendranath Barua Science and Culture Park on 31st Oct, 2022 at 3.30pm. The purpose of the play was to raise awareness against corruption among the student community and its ramifications. The play’s primary slogan was “Say no to corruption“. The government utilizes Vigilance Awareness Week to increase public awareness of the dangers of corruption. Every year, Vigilance Awareness Week is observed during the week in which Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s birthday (31st October) falls.

The event was attended by numerous students, research scholars, faculty members, and university staff of Dibrugarh University. Dr. Mukul Chandra Bora, Director, DUIET, DU gave the audience a motivational speech against corruption. Mr. Subhanga Borthakur directed the play, and the team included DUIET students Aditya Sahu, Gaurav Gogoi, Rabiul Haque Choudhury, Soumyadeep Choudhary, Sunny Kalita, Gitam Parasar, and many others. Dr. Sudipta Majumder and Ms. Elora Baruah coordinated the event on behalf of the faculties. The event is part of a series of scheduled events intended to raise awareness against corruption.