One Week Online Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on ‘Diverse Aspects of Indian Knowledge System (IKS)

The Centre for Indian Knowledge System (CIKS), DUIET organized a One Week Online Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on “Diverse Aspects of Indian Knowledge System (IKS)” from 8-12 August 2022. This FDP was organized to keep in line with NEP 2020’s objective to reconfigure the education system of India on the framework of the Indian knowledge
Eminent Resource persons from pioneer institutes of India namely, Prof Amitabha Ghosh (Austin, USA and also Ex-Director, IITKGP), Ayurvedacharya Vaidya Hitesh Jani (Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar), Dr. Lalit Mohan Pandey (IITG), Prof. Khanindra Pathak (IIT KGP), Mr. Rajiv Lochan Sarma (Ex-DGM, IOCL), and Dr. Deepak Sarma (Ex Principal Kokajan College) delivered enlightening and enriching talks on a spectrum of subject matters viz. Archeoastronomy, Ancient Indian Chronology, Ancient Indian Medicine and Health Care, Plant Ayurveda, Ancient Indian Pedagogy and its Application in Modern Education, Hindu Astronomy, and Vedic Mathematics. A few member faculty of the CIKS, DUIET namely Dr. M.C Bora (Director, DUIET), Dr. Niranjan Bora, Dr. Dipankar Das, Dr. Bhargabjyoti Saikia, Dr. Gitalee Sharma, Ms. Parismita Gogoi and Dr. Bhaskar Jyoti Saikia (faculties) also delivered illuminating talks on diverse fields of IKS viz. History of Indian Calendar, Arthasastra in
Modern Banking and Corporate Management, Ancient Indian Shipping and Maritime Activities, Vedic Mathematics, Indian Metallurgy, Application of Vedic Mathematics in Digital Signal Processing, Origin of Rasayana in India and Indian Atomism or Maharshi Kannad Atomic Theory-I. About 68 participants from all over India participated in the event with full enthusiasm making the FDP a great success.
The initiative of the Director DUIET, Dr. Mukul Chandra Bora, who has been the driving force energized the team CIKS to organize this FDP, which is the first of the kind in the country. All the participants in their feedback have appreciated the organizers for their team spirit and coordination in accomplishing the goal to instill among academicians round the nation the rootness and pride for India. The coordinators of this FDP were Dr. Gitalee
Sharma and Dr. Sudipta Majumder, Assistant Professors of DUIET.