Centre for Atmospheric Studies in association with IQAC Celebrates Earth Day, 2022

Centre for Atmospheric Studies in collaboration with the IQAC, Dibrugarh University, organized a lecture workshop on the occasion of Earth Day on 22 April 2022. The Co-ordination of the workshop, Prof. Kalyan Bhuyan, the Chairperson, Director- IQAC, and the Chairperson of Centre for Atmospheric Studies, inaugurated the workshop at 3:30 pm. The main aim of the workshop was to attract the young College Students to the Atmospheric Science and to assist the Researchers in the field of Atmospheric Science with various techniques associated with it. As such, Dr. Arup Borgohain, Scientist ‘SF’, NESAC, Meghalaya, alumni of the Department of Physics of this University, delivered his speech on “Space and ground-based technology for Atmospheric Research”. Moreover, the convener of the workshop, Dr. Binita Pathak, Assistant Professor of the Department of Physics as well as an adjunct faculty in the Centre For Atmospheric Studies, provided Hands-on training on Automatic weather Station data handling.