2021 Edition of Rhapsody Organized at CMS

The MBA (FT) 2021 Batch students of the Centre successfully organized the 2021 Edition of the Rhapsody on February 12, 2022. The students organized it as a part of their assessment for the Course Computer Applications in Management which they study in first semester. The theme for this edition of Rhapsody was Supply Chain and Technology in E-Commerce. The resource person for the seminar was Mr. Bikram Bokul Barua who is a Manager at Flipkart. Mr. Barua did his BTech in Mechanical Engineering from Tezpur University in 2011 and thereafter his MBA in Operations Management from Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management in 2017. Before moving to Flipkart, he was Deputy Manager at DHL Supply Chain.

The programme started with a brief introduction of the speaker and his felicitation along with the singing of the University Anthem and the State Anthem of Assam. It was followed by the welcome address from Dr. Himadri Barman who teaches the course. Thereafter, the talk from Mr. Bikram Bokul Barua started. To start with, Mr. Barua talked about his journey for BTech to MBA. Thereafter, he delivered his lecture on the theme of the event. In his talk, he gave a broad overview of the supply chain in E-commerce and introduced the audience to the concept of Fulfilment Centres (FCs) which are at the core of any e-commerce company. He highlighted the use of advanced technology including robots in the FCs and the way technology made delivery of goods possible in the shortest time with minimal mistakes. Mr. Barua gave his classification of e-commerce and gave a brief overview of each type including the emerging area of social media commerce. He showed a couple of interesting videos to supplement his lecture. After his lecture, he answered a couple of questions from the audience and provided tips to be successful in the job market.

The programme ended with the vote of thanks followed by the singing of the national anthem. The programme was hosted by Ms. Riya Gohain and Ms. Parishmita Dutta while the student coordinator was Ms. Moumita Dey. The lecture can be viewed at https://fb.watch/bfk6LQiFaL/