‘World Wetlands Day’-2021

An International Webinar on Wetland and Water on the eve of  ‘World Wetlands Day’ was observed by The Center for Studies in Geography, Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh Assam, India, on February’2 ,2021, from 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm (IST) 3 – 4pm (ICT). 

On the occasion, an informative and educative lecture was delivered by Dr. Chitrini Mozumder, Affiliated Faculty and Research Specialist Remote Sensing and GIS, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. 

Speaking at the webinar event, the Speaker dwelt extensively on the topic Inseparable (Water, Wetlands and life). Dr. Mozumder talked in depth how geographically Wetlands holds paramount importance and how there exists an inseparable connection between water, wetlands and life. 

The Chairperson and the Assistant Professor of the Centre Dr. Pranjal Protim Buragohain and Dr. Shukla Acharjee were the Co – Convener and Convener of the International Webinar session, respectively.  The organizing members of the session were Himadri Changmai, Diram Bori and Jyoti Saikia.