Earth Day, 2020 celebrated

The World Earth Day on April’22, 2020, with the theme “CLIMATE ACTION” was observed under the aegis of Centre for Studies in Geography (DU), to pledge for the sustainable participation of academic minds of the student fraternity in reaching the aim of addressing the pressing problems of Climate Change.
Accordingly, on 22nd April, from 8.00 am to 11.30 am, a plantation drive with active participation by students at their respective home during COVID 19 pandemic lockdown was carried out to send a message that individual effort in saving the planet earth is the need of the hour.
Dr. Shukla Acharjee, called upon every human being on upholding the objectives of safeguarding and saving the Mother Earth against the wanton destruction of the forest, marine life, animals and the pollution of water bodies, air, soil across the world which is resulting in climate change.
Finally requesting everyone to stay home, stay safe.