4th International Day of Yoga observed

Dibrugarh University with its global family observed the 4th International Day of Yoga on Thursday, 21st June, 2018 at Kalaguru Bishnu Prasad Rabha Rangamancha, Dibrugarh University campus. The program started at 8:00 am with a welcome speech by Prof. Jiten Hazarika, Dean, Student Affairs, Dibrugarh University followed by the inauguration of the event by lighting of the lamp and a speech by Professor Lila Kanta Nath, Vice-Chancellor, i/c, Dibrugarh University. Dr. H.S. Atwal, Director, Centre for Physical Education and Sports elaborated the scientific and philosophical linkage of Patanjali Yoga. Mr. Rajkumar Bharali, Assistant Professor, Centre for Studies in physical Education and Sports, Dibrugarh University then demonstrated different asanas with the help of students of Dibrugarh University as well as highlighted the benefits of asanas to those present in the venue. A lot of students from nearby schools with their parents, students, teachers and employees of Dibrugarh University co-operated actively in the event. People performed asanas, surya namaskara with proper synchronization. Students of Dibrugarh University demonstrated some kriyas (cleansing processes) which are very much needed to clean the internal body.

The program concluded with the vote of thanks offered by Dr. Devid Kardong, Program Coordinator, NSS, Dibrugarh University.