Department of History

Dr Dambarudhar Nath

Professor [Head Of Department]

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Date of Birth


Teaching Experience
  1. JDSG College, Bokakhat       1976-1977         Lecturer          
  2. Darrang College, Tezpur        1978-1979         -do-    
  3. Dibrugarh University  `            1979 –1989       Lecturer in History
  4. -do-                                             1989 -1996        Reader
  5. -do-                                             1996                    Professor        
  6. -do-                                             August, 2005  Appointed to the Shri Shri Aniruddhadeva Chair (A Centre for Religious and Ethno-Cultural Studies)
Research Experience
  1. Thirteen Ph.Ds have obtained their research degrees under him- their subjects being mainly on the different aspects of society and culture of Assam.
  2. Nine M.Phil scholars have obtained M.Phil degrees under him- their subjects being mainly on the different aspects of society and culture of Assam.
  3. Dr. Nath has successfully completed SEVEN Major Research Projects in Social and Cultural History, and some others are in the process of completion. These projects are sponsored by some major research institutes of India besides the UGC



  1. Asam Buranji(A History of Assam), 1st ed, Guwahati, 1987, 6th edition, 2009. It has since been a Text Book of the Universities of Gauhati and Dibrugarh
  2. Bharatar Rajnaitik aru Sanskritik Buranji (A Political and Cultural History of India), 1st ed. Guwahati, 1997
  3. Biswa Sabhyata (A Text book on World Civilization for Class V students of Assam prescribed by the Board of Secondary Education, Assam)
  4. Uccha Madhyamik Samaj Vijnan (History Parts of the Text Book of the Subject of  Social Studies), SEBA, Assam, for Classes IX and X , 2005-2006 (in both Assamese and English)
  5. Dibrugarar Buranji(ed. A History of the Dibrugarh Town) published by the Asam Sahitya Sabha), Dibrugarh , 2002 . This is the first urban history of any township in Assam.
  6. Adhunikatar Unmeshat Shri Shri Auniati Satra(A 19th Century History of the Auniati Satra ), Majuli, 2004. This research work is a critical study of the largest Vaishnava monastery of Assam in the 19th Century.
  7. Chutiya Jatir Buranji, (A History of the Chutiyas) ed. Guwahati, 2006. This has been an edited work that deals with the history and culture of one of the best known ethnic communities of Assam- the Chutiyas.
  8. Dharma Sahitya Samaj(ed. An anthology of Research essays on the history, religion and literature of Assam), Shri Shri Aniruddhadeva Chair, Dibrugarh, 2009. Essays incorporated in this work throw valuable and new light on the issues concerning the social and literary history of Assam.
  9. Mayamara Vaishnav Samajar Than Satra (ed. Sacred places of the Mayamara Vaishnava Society), Shri Shri Aniruddhadeva Chair, Dibrugarh, 2010. Modelled in the line of the Pavitra Asam, edited by Maheswar Neog, the noted Indologist from Assam, this work is a research encyclopedia on the history and significance of the sacred places of upper Assam, especially those of the Mayamara Vaishnava society.


  1. History of the Koch Kingdom c. 1515- 1615 A.D., (Mittal Publishers and Distributors, Delhi, 1989). It has since been used as a reference and a text book in many Universities and colleges of North East India and Bengal.
  2. Reopening of the Stilwell Road –Prospects and Problems, (ed. New Delhi, 2004). This work had been consulted by the Government of India while considering its Look east Policy.
  3. Religion and Society in North East India, (ed. Guwahati, Delhi, 2011). This is an edited volume on the various religious sects and their relationship, and impact on the society of the Northeastern region of India.
  4. Auniati Satra at a Glance, (in both English and translated into  Hindi), Majuli, 2004. This a small book on the best-known Vaishnava monastery of Assam. Meant primarily for the visitors and researchers from outside Assam, the work is a hand book for the tourists and students of cultural history of Assam.
  5. Satras in Colonial Assam –Their Responses to the Emerging Socio-Political Issues, Guwahati, 2007. Originally delivered as a lecture invited by the Indian Council of Historical Research, North Eastern Regional Centre, Guwahati, it is a critical analysis of the responses of the Satra institutions of Assam to the emerging socio-political and cultural issues of 19th century Assam.
  6. The Majuli Island : Society, Economy and Culture, New Delhi, 2009 . Known and acclaimed all over the globe as a genuine research piece, the Majuli Island-Society Economy and Culture has been regarded as the most authentic historical and sociological account of the riverine belt society and its exclusive Vaishnava culture of Assam.
  7. Satra Society and Culture : Pitambardeva Goswami and History of Garamur Satra, 2012. One of the most outstanding contribution to the study of the Satra system of Assam, this work fills up a long felt gap in the understanding of the life and works of the great Satradhikara- Pitambardeva Goswami, of Garamur Satra (1885-1962), who was a contemporary and friend of the national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Vinova Bhave, Gopinath Bardoloi, and many others, but whose outstanding contributions towards construction of our modern society has not yet been so much known outside Assam.
  8. The Matak-Morans- An Ethno-History. A research work of high order, this work has been the result of a Major Research Project undertaken by the author and sponsored by the UGC. This work brings to light the history and culture of an ethnic community long suppressed under the political systems of Assam since the early medieval times.
Papers/Articles Published

More than Fifty articles/papers in both Assamese and English have been published in different

(i) anthologies,

(ii) journals of national and international standing,

(iii) Proceedings Volumes of Seminars and Conferences,

(iv) souvenirs, and

(v) periodicals etc.

Invited Lectures

Dr. D.Nath has delivered a number of lectures under Invited Lecture and Memorial Lecture schemes. Among the most well-known are :

  1. Delivered an invited lecture on the topic ‘Badula Padma Ata Aru Kamalabari Satra- Adarsa aru Anusthan (Badula Padma Ata and Kamalabari Satra- Ideological Understanding). Presented atthe Kamalabari Satra in the Majuli island on the occasion of the 459th birth anniversary of the saint Badula Padma Ata, the founder of the Kamalabari Satra, and, one of the religious reformers of medieval Assam. It was delivered on 18/5/05.
  2. Chakreswar Saikia 8th Memorial Lecture at N.N.Saikia College, Titabar, Jorhat, on the subject ‘Asamar Sampratik aru Rajnaitik Parikramat Itihas Charcha’ (Writing of History in Assam the context of present political and social situation.) It was organized by the Assam Sahitya Sabha, Titabar branch, on 10/12/05.
  3. Occasional Lecture at the Indian Council of Historical Research, North Eastern Regional Centre, Guwahati, 25/2/2005, on the topic ‘Satras in Colonial Assam : Their Response to the Emerging Socio-Political Issues
  4. Third Ramprasad Chaliha Memorial Lecture at the Naharkatiya College, Naharkatiya, Dibrugarh, on 2/8/2008, on the topic ‘Satra Anusthan- Otit, Bartaman aru Bhavishyat (Satra institution- Past, Present and Future’. It has been published by the College
  5. Delivered the 14th Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar Memorial Lecture at the University of Mumbai on 3-4 September, 2012, on the subject Bhakti, Bhakti Philosophy and Bhakti Saints of Assam
  6. Delivered a Plenary LectureonThe Mainstream Literature on the Pre-Sankaradeva Religious Systems of Assam at the International Seminar on Ethnicity Identity and Literature organized by the Sibsagar College, Jaysagar, Assam ferom 11-14 October, 2012
  7. The North East India History Association (NEIHA) has invited Dr. Nath to deliver the 2014 Endowment Lecture in its annual session to be held tentatively during November, that year on Bhakti and Inter-State Connectivity
  1. Life Member, Indian History Congress
  2. Life member of the North East India History Association
  3. Life Member of the Assam Research Society (Kamrup Anusandhan Samity)
  4. Member,Indian Historical Records Commission
  5. Member, Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR)
Vice-Chancellor-in Charge (Dibrugarh University)
  1. Vice-Chancellor-in-Charge, Dibrugarh University, during 28th-30th March, 2012
  2. Vice-Chancellor-in-Charge, Dibrugarh University, during 3rd May, 2012- 4th May, 2012
  3. Vice-Chancellor-in-Charge, Dibrugarh University, from 20th October, 2012- to 28th October, 2012
Honours and Awards Received
  1. Obtained the University Gold Medal in History in 1976, being the First ever Student of the Department of History to obtained a First Class in History from this University
  2. In recognition of his study in the field of religion and society, particularlyethnic history and Vaishnavism of Assam, the Dibrugarh University honoured him to be the Chair Professor, Shri Shri Aniruddhadeva Chair, in 2005.
  3. In recognition of his contribution in the field of historical studies, and in recognition of his position as a research guide in this part of India, the Government of India has nominated him as Member of the Indian Council of Historical Research, 2012.
  4. Received the Dr. Moyidul Islam Bora Research Award, 2012, for  his research contributions in the field of social sciences and humanities and engaging in continuous research in the history and culture of Assam. The name Dr. M.I.Bora stands for that great Persian and history scholar who was the first Ph.D. from Assam and was the Vice-Chancellor for sometime of the Dacca University, Dhaka.
  5. The University of Mumbai in recognition of his research in the Vaishnava Religion and Vaishnava Institutioinal systems of Assam invited him to deliver the 14th Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar Memorial Lecture in September, 2012. The lecture series was on Bhakti, Bhakti Philosophy and Bhakti Saints of Assam.
  6. Obtained Dibrugarh University Special Appreciation for doing extensive research undertaking research projects sponsored by nationa/international institutions : (vide decision taken in the 286th Meeting of the Executive Council, dated 24-25th August, 2007; vide Registrar’s letter No.DU/RG/A.o2.03/07/7240, dated 1/10/2007)
  7. The North East India History Association (NEIHA) has, as a mark of honour, invited him for delivering the 2014 Endowment Lecture in its annual session to be held tentatively during November, that year on Bhakti and Inter-State Connectivity.

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